Development Services

TGC Development Group starts all development with five simple questions:
1. Is there a need for our services, products and brands within the area?
2. Does this opportunity make sense for TGC and our investors?
3. What are the anticipated hurdles and can we overcome them?
4. Can we add value to our portfolio and our investor’s portfolio?
5. Can we add value to the community?

Once those questions have been answered we launch into an in-depth research of the project from an investors and operations perspective to determine the true feasibility of the development. Our goal with every step is to discover obstacles and verify solutions to ensure that moving forward with the project makes sound financial sense and is a good use of our resources.

Additionally, TGC makes this information organized, understandable and available to all our project investors so they can make the most informed decision regarding this investment. TGC deeply values our investor relationships and their trust in us. We never take any of that for granted.

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